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Youth NOW

Engaging Next-Generation Brilliance

We say that Youth are our greatest resource; yet when was the last time you sat down and really talked with someone of the younger generation?

Did you listen?

As we continued to lead multi-sector group engagements, we noticed one voice consistantly missing from the conversation … the YOUTH voice.

We set out to offer a solution on how to truly engage young people into the conversations that matter today.

Shake It Up!

We combine leadership training, large group engagement, high energy team building activities, video and film, questions that inspire and ignite imagination, facilitators who care deeply, and know-how to connect with teens. Put it all together, shake it up—and you get a FutureWave YouthNOW event!

Imagine how a YouthNOW program can:

  • Infuse new life into national youth conferences
  • Offer an alternative to youth leadership programs
  • Innovate strategic planning processes by inviting the youth voice
  • Engage youth perspective on issues of today

Call us to book a YouthNOW event.