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Collaborative Leadership Retreats

Preparing Today to Better Lead Tomorrow

Leaders today face rapid change, complex issues, generational diversity, new technologies and crumbling structures. Traditional leadership skills and competencies must evolve to meet these challenges.

It all begins with YOU!

Authentic Leadership – Leading From Your Core

We know that organizations that understand and align with their core vision, mission and values, which drive goals, roles and responsibilities, are able to adapt to change and thrive. The same is true for individuals. Leading in these incredibly turbulent times requires something different. We need leaders to be rock solid in their integrity and core—meaning their unique individual vision, purpose, and goals—this alignment gives people the ability to lead themselves, teams and organizations with integrity and confidence.

Our 1-2 Day Authentic Leadership Retreats are designed to take you though a journey of self-discovery.

Participants evaluate themselves and their place in their careers and organizations, by walking through the process of identifying their core values, personal vision, mission and legacy. You will then develop an action plan outlining steps for catalyzing your personal, authentic, leadership vision.

Program Objectives Include:

  1. Articulate an individual leadership vision
  2. Develop an actionable plan to step into their leadership vision
  3. Understand how organizational principles inform personal alignment
  4. Understand the principles of authentic leadership and leading with integrity
  5. Recognize indicators of being in or out of leadership flow
  6. Overcome challenges and leverage personal support systems for leadership success

It all begins with US!

Collaborative Leadership – Leadership Models for the 21st Century

What do Daniel Pink, Meg Wheatley, Peter Block, Otto Scharmer and Peter Senge have in common? They all help us stretch our idea of leadership and what is needed to succeed as leaders of the future. Their ideas may surprise you!

During this interactive, 1-2 day retreat, we will learn about cutting edge leadership thought. Utilizing personal experience, conversations, journaling and experiential activities we will explore key concepts, their meaning and how this information can inform our lives and the way we lead.

What – What is the new thought in leadership? What does it mean to foster multi-sector collaborations, tap into presence, build sustainable cultures, turn to one another, engage the whole in conversation or that right brainers will rule the future?

So What – what do these concepts mean? How do they inform the way we lead our organizations, make decisions and build collaborations?

Now What – How do these discussions inform what you do when you leave here? What new themes and trends do you see emerging? How can you incorporate this new knowledge into your life and organization? What are YOU passionate about? What kind of leader do you want to be?