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Wendy B. White

Wendy B. White - Continuum Consulting Services Wendy White specializes in leadership, community and organizational development. She has shared her passion, insight, creativity and wealth of experience with her clients for over 20 years. Combining business and human performance practices with her ability to inspire and motivate, Wendy is able to transform and strengthen business cultures, structures and relationships for a variety of client groups. She is not afraid to tackle challenging situations, and thrives in partnering with people through times of transition, moving clients through chaos to creation and vision.
Wendy is a member of the Experiential Based Training and Development Alliance and is an Appreciative Inquiry consultant. She is very involved in community outreach initiatives, including the All American Independent Film Festival and the Continuum Blues Jam.

Janine Underhill

Janine Underhill - Idea 360 For over 10 years Janine Underhill has helped make the invisible visible for Fortune-100 clients and nonprofit firms that need a repeatable blueprint to reach important meeting outcomes, that need to get diverse minds on board to accomplish complex team efforts, and that need to arrive at solidified leadership decisions based on quality discoveries.
Utilizing Graphic Facilitation, Corporate Storytelling and Consulting, Janine helps thought leaders and innovators experience breakthroughs as they turn meetings into winning ideas and profitable outcomes. Janine practices dynamic, experiential big-picture learning processes so meeting participants can fully engage in conversation, and tether their ideas and beliefs to the big picture of the organization. We activate creative business and community strategies that engage the individual along with the entire system. Using interactive and collaborative processes, she skillfully delivers a unique product in the fields of Organizational Development and Consumer Research and Marketing.