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Durham Dreams

Durham Dreams"Durham Dreams" is dedicated to the reality of the dreams that have already transformed the city of Durham, North Carolina, as well as to the dreamers yet to come that will take her still farther.

Durham artist Eleatta Diver will be capturing the stories of twelve key visionaries, “dreamers” who have transformed Durham over the last 20 years. Through her unique interpretation of their individual visions, hopes and aspirations, Eleatta will paint their "dream portraits." One by one the recipients will share their dreams for Durham, and the artist will bring each dream to life on canvas.

Dreamer stories will be highlighted by local media throughout the year. When all artwork is completed, the project will culminate in a "Durham Dreams" exhibit. Prints of the paintings, along with the originals, will be sold, and a portion of the proceeds will go to fund a new dream in Durham.

Interested in doing this for your own community? Give us a call to learn how!